Extraordinary Value for Travel Distribution

Simard provides Business Solutions for users of the Winding Tree Travel Marketplace.

Simard lowers travel industry distribution costs

While enabling greater customer knowledge and intimacy, as the industry embraces direct distribution through decentralized marketplaces.


  1. For the Corporate Travelers

    • Simard provides the plumbing for the corporate traveler vending machine
    • More Choice
    • One on One Dynamic Smart Contracts
    • Automated process and execution
  2. Let Simard Help You

    • Free Any2Any buy/sell travel distribution
    • Eliminate barriers between buyer and seller
    • Enhance the traveler experience
    • Transparency of all travel data


  1. Marketplace

    Access our Decentralized Travel Marketplace

  2. Travel Services

    Travel Services Provided by Third Parties

  3. Payment

    Price Competitive Travel Services

  4. Smart Contracts

    Automated Peer-to-peer Agreements